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  • I AM Paul! I AM Walking!

    DSC_9093A special mention to Paul Fairhurst!

    Paul! You were an amazing Fighter and Conqueror today! You completed your first ever 10km!! And without any STOPS!! I know that this is such a HUGE Milestone for you. You just kept making stride after stride count with great purpose and intent. You were a champion throughout the entire 10km course. I know you were relieved with each kilometer marker we pass as that meant that you were getting closer to the finish. You kept your focus on the end and not for one moment did you waver. You are an inspiration to many on and off the course and certainly to individuals with spinal injuries.

    Just so you know. It was truly inspirational and emotional to watch you reach and crossed the finish line. I will be honest, I was fighting back tears as you were approaching the Finish line during your last 50m. Words can not describe how proud I am of you. The joy within me was “bursting out” as I witnessed 1 year 9 months of courage, determination, hard work, perseverance, sweat, grit, and blood (from the occasional falls) take form for you to achieve your goal. I am so happy for you!!

    You have certainly shown that the pure determination of one’s mind and soul can conquer anything! Well Done, Paul!! Hugz! ~ Swee ~


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