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Integrating Lives with Movement
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About Us

Fifth Ray Integrated Activities is the premier center for adults, youths and children to engage in specially designed physical activities and exercises. Fifth Ray advocates active and healthy living for families. Each programme session is carefully thought out to provide options for the entire family.

Founded by Dr Tan Swee Kheng, PhD, Kinesiologist, Fifth Ray Integrated Activities uses the study of kinesiology – science of exercise and human movement, for the coaching and learning of movements and sports to adults, youths and children. The use of instructive strategies and sporting experiences makes learning of movements, keeping fit, exercising and sports easy for anyone.

Fifth Ray’s evidence-based programmes are designed to provide individuals with the finest and safest structured coaching and learning systems for the realization of their goals, purposes and potentials.

At Fifth Ray, adults and youths have several Training Systems™ to choose from:

• Weight Loss and Tone
• Core and Strength
• Rehabilitation (Post injury/surgery)
• Sports Specific (Golf, Running, Tennis, Wakeboarding, etc.)
• One-on-One (Personal Training)
• Distance or Remote Monitoring
• Local and Overseas Camps

All our Training Systems™ are uniquely designed by first rate in-house coaches and trainers with specialized expertise and knowledge in the areas of exercise, fitness, sports science, diet and nutrition, rehabilitation, neurocognitive and neuromuscular development, to name a few.

Children and youths have the following programmes to choose from:

• I AM Kids® Experience an Education™
• I AM Kids® Specific Development (Neurocognitive and Neuromuscular)
• I AM Kids® Run & Fit™
• I AM Kids® Holiday Camps

The children and youth’s curriculums are specially designed from evidence-based methods and research to provide the foundations for complex integration of neurocognitive learning, neuromuscular control, movement skills and patterns, kinesthetic senses, co-ordination and fitness. All of which are necessary for the holistic development of children and youths, who will be kept moving and learning through fun specially designed activities and games.

Exclusive services such as sports massage, postural and functional movement analyses, running gait analyses, neuromuscular evaluation, seminar and workshops are also offered to corporate companies and individuals.