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Integrating Lives with Movement
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Our Mission

Fifth Ray Integrated Activities was set up by Dr Tan Swee Kheng (PhD), Kinesiologist and Movement Specialist, who is an advocate for active and healthy living throughout the life span. She firmly believes in providing a place where families can exercise together and/or concurrently for the productive use of time (which we all have very little of these days) and have every family member’s needs met.

Fifth Ray’s main mission is to provide first grade quality programmes that apply the knowledge of concrete science and research in the areas of kinesiology, pedagogy, and sporting experiences for the coaching of adults, youths and children.

It is our sole purpose at Fifth Ray to provide and equip anyone, from children to adults and leisure to elite athletes, with effective and safe programmes and Training Systems™.

At Fifth Ray, we firmly believe in adopting a holistic approach for the development of individuals across the lifespan. Hence, we integrate science, proper training systems, corrective and preventive care, and medical support (when necessary) into all our programmes.