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  • I AM Paul! I AM Walking!

    DSC_9093A special mention to Paul Fairhurst!

    Paul! You were an amazing Fighter and Conqueror today! You completed your first ever 10km!! And without any STOPS!! I know that this is such a HUGE Milestone for you. You just kept making stride after stride count with great purpose and intent. You were a champion throughout the entire 10km course. I know you were relieved with each kilometer marker we pass as that meant that you were getting closer to the finish. You kept your focus on the end and not for one moment did you waver. You are an inspiration to many on and off the course and certainly to individuals with spinal injuries.

    Just so you know. It was truly inspirational and emotional to watch you reach and crossed the finish line. I will be honest, I was fighting back tears as you were approaching the Finish line during your last 50m. Words can not describe how proud I am of you. The joy within me was “bursting out” as I witnessed 1 year 9 months of courage, determination, hard work, perseverance, sweat, grit, and blood (from the occasional falls) take form for you to achieve your goal. I am so happy for you!!

    You have certainly shown that the pure determination of one’s mind and soul can conquer anything! Well Done, Paul!! Hugz! ~ Swee ~


  • Paul’s new PB!

    Today Paul set a new personal best of 5:48min for 400m round the track since his accident! He smashed his previous best of 6:08min. Well done!

    With the Singapore Marathon 10km just about 10 days away, Paul is relaxed and is looking forward to it. We too are excited for him & stay tune for on-the-ground updates on 1 Dec!

  • Paul doing squats on the BOSU ball!

    Paul BOSU 3Check out the video below.

    Paul doing squats on the BOSU ball for the FIRST time!

    Impressive! Good job Paul!

    Paul BOSU Squat Video

  • Osaka Marathon – Race Expo

    This Sunday is the Osaka Marathon, so today I made my way to the race expo at the INTEX OSAKA to collect my race pack.

    It was a cold and rainy morning but when I reached the race expo, the atmosphere there was energising and the people warm.

    The expo area was huge and the booths were always filled with participants checking out the latest running shoes, running gear, hydration and energy drinks/gel. Really a buzz of activity and lots to entertain all those running the marathon. There was also a huge hall just for local Japanese food! Yummy!

    Spent about 3 hours at the expo, now to rest, carbo load & hydrate for Sunday.


  • Prof. Robert M. Malina Awarded Highest Academic Honour!

    A huge congratulations to Prof. Robert M Malina, Fifth Ray programme consultant, for recently being conferred one of the highest academic award.

    At the recent XXVIII Pediatric Work Physiology meeting in Portugal, Prof. Malina was recognised for his outstanding contributions in the area of growth and development in children. A Festschrift (liber amicorum) was presented to him. This is a book of essays which is authored by his fellow esteemed academic peers. It is the highest recognition in academia! Salut!

    jk (13)A


    Prof. Malina(fourth from the right)


  • Update on Paul progress

    I am glad to report that Paul’s training is coming along very well.

    Paul recently covered 7.66km a couple of weeks back. Well done!

    Paul is also happy to report that his goal to raise funds for Spinal Research has received tremendous support!

    Please continue to support him by clicking on the following link:


  • Melbourne Marathon 13th October 2013 – Jenny & Karyn

    Jenny & Karyn completed the Melbourne Marathon in fantastic time!

    Jenny finished in 4hr 55mins and in the process smashed her previous best by an hour!

    While for Karyn, it was her FIRST ever marathon and she completed it in 4hr 50mins! Her previous best was a 7+hrs at a 30km race.

    Jenny & Karyn shared that that they had to deal with the elements during the last 7km. Rain started pouring, it was chilly, muscles were starting to cramp… But their grit & determination to finish strong (and under 5hrs) carried them on!

    True mental tenacity!

    Well done ladies!Jenny & Karyn

  • Welcome back Sue!

    Today was the first day back on the track for Sue since her fall; where she broke her arm about 7 weeks ago.

    All the other runners were overjoyed to see her!

    Am heartened to see her with such positive energy as she did her track workout.

    Welcome back Sue!


  • Paul conquers the slopes! Watch him go!

    Today we had another breakthrough session with Paul as he conquered the slopes!

    Check out the videos of him below by clicking on the links!Paul Climbing Slopes

    Paul Climbing Slope

    Paul Down Slope

  • Update on Paul’s training

    Paul recently completed walking 6.68km in just over 2 hours last Sunday. With about 2 months to go, the goal of completing the 10km is within reach.
    I am really proud of Paul’s progress and his positive attitude towards his training. Keep up the great work Paul!