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  • Fifth Ray’s Rainbow Run

    Charity Event – Fifth Ray’s Rainbow Run (Mission Accomplished)

    Dr Tan Swee Kheng completed the Sundown ultra-marathon of 84km in 10hrs 6mins. And it was all in the name of charity – Club Rainbow.

    After the race, Dr Tan shared “My journey throughout the challenging 84km was nothing compared to all the children and youths in Singapore from Club Rainbow who suffer from major chronic and life-threatening illnesses. In the process of helping these children, I have grown stronger myself. The opportunity given to me to serve others has in turn enriched my own experience in life.

    I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful encouragement, support, pledges and donations. Your generous donations will definitely help provide the rainbow children with every opportunity to lead a life as close to normal as possible.”

    Thank you very much for your donations! Together, we raised $16,600. Truly Appreciate your generous donations and support towards Fifth Ray’s Rainbow Run 2009. Our Sincere HeartFelt THANK YOU to ALL. Your donations will certainly make a world of difference in the lives of the children at Club Rainbow.

    Below are the list of our donors:

    • Fifth Ray Integrated Activities Pte Ltd
    • Bauerfeind (Singapore)
    • Platinum Light Pte Ltd
    • BikeLabz
    • Verena Tan
    • Alvin Voon
    • Teh Chai Hong
    • Adrian Wang
    • Kenneth Tan
    • Marc Koh
    • Carol Chang
    • Anne Sam
    • Harry Tan
    • Cassandra Chng & Stephen Lim
    • Rachelle & David Lau
    • Mohd Azhar Yusof
    • Lisze Lee
    • Charlotte Yew
    • Tan Li Ping
    • Boey Lai Hsia
    • Lim Poh Poh
    • Lim Ean Ean
    • Eileen Jesudason
    • Aw Chong Yee
    • Simon Ong
    • Christina Lim
    • Thio Siew Hua
    • Wong Meng Ee
    • Jenny Chui
    • Gillian Yap
    • Katja Fink
    • Caroline Wong
    • Hing Siong Chen & Lynette Ngo
    • Goh Kee Wee
    • Siew Wai Quan
    • Kosta Vasiljev
    • David Lim
    • Samual Yang
    • Ca’uis Chan
    • Sanders & Drew Saurajen
    • Shunji Miyakoshi
    • Dexter and Patricia Tai
    • Leonard Tan
    • Lai Fong Yee
    • Claudine Teo
    • Leong Kwok Khuen
    • Lee Kok Hoo
    • Lydia Law
    • Jeffery Yew
    • David Ngiam
    • Chua Eng Seng
    • Adeline Yong
    • Derrick Kim
    • Finna Huang
    • Michael & Friends
    • Joanna Chong
    • Christian Stauffer
    • Andrew Aw
    • Eddie Tan
  • Shoes for Africa

    Fifth Ray is embarking on a new project to donate shoes to Shoes for Africa and we are encouraging the running community in Singapore and around the world to do the same. This wonderful initiative by founder Toby Tanser to better the lives of individuals in Africa in areas of health, education, self empowerment, awareness, etc., is truly admirable. What a remarkable gift Toby is giving to many who are less fortunate than us!

    To assist Toby and his team on their quest, Fifth Ray and our runners are collectively shipping our running shoes to Africa. It is a project you and your friends or family can do too! Simply collect running shoes that are still in good condition – shoes that you can still run in for about another 100-200km or shoes you have only worn for about 6-8months and are now ‘sitting’ on the shelf. Give it to someone who can put the running shoes to better use to prevent the spread of hookworms. Shoe for Africa has many other projects, do support them if they ‘touch your hearts’! Visit for more details.

    Many Blessings with Love…

  • Sell Rod’s Body

    Dr Tan Swee Kheng, Rod Monterio from The Married Men and footballer Aleksandar Duric ran the half marathon in the Standard Chartered Marathon 2011 to raise funds for Sanctuary House, a volunteer charity organization which provides home-based care to abandoned babies and children, children from abuse and neglect situations, and families in crisis pregnancy circumstances.

    The three runners proudly wore the cheers and wishes of donors on their t-shirts. Together, we raised $12,060 for Sanctuary House! Thank you all for your generosity!

    For information on Sanctuary House :