Backed by Science

Fifth Ray Workforce Wellness™ programs are skillfully developed with evidence-based knowledge, in specialized fields and expertise which include exercise, fitness, sports science, diet and nutrition, rehabilitation, neurocognitive and neuromuscular development.

Safe, Easy & Motivating

Our Workforce Wellness™ programs are designed by our trained and experienced Kinesiologist to demystify health and wellness concepts, initiate and motivate individuals to take charge of their well-being, and reduce any inertia in commencing on a continuous wellness journey.

Applicable Concepts to Everyday Work & Life

Our Workforce Wellness™ programs are typically carried out within the premises of companies for the convenience of their corporate workforce as well as to create practical interactions that connects health and wellness, and the work place.

Off-site Tracking & Digital Technology

Our Workforce Wellness™ programs take into consideration the mobility of today’s working adults, where many are in regional and global roles that require frequent travels or are based off-site from company premises. Hence, we offer global employers programs that include digital technology program advisory, communication and tracking for effectiveness.