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All Programmes

We provide a series of conditioning, fitness, running and weight loss classes for men and women. We always create a friendly and stress-free environment to exercise or train in. Structured and systematic training plans are tailored to every individual’s needs, even for our group programmes.

Customized Group Run Training

Our Run Tall. Run Strong™ Training System provides men and women with proper training guidance to run pain-free and injury-free. Be it to run to keep those extra pounds off or to run a full marathon, we have just the Training System™.

From the uninitiated to the most experienced sporting individuals, we offer a flexible training schedule comprising 7-days a week of sessions to cater to individuals with busy schedules. Our Training System™ takes you through a series of drills, speed work, distance runs, functional and recovery exercises to improve and enhance your running form, speed and stamina. As part of the training system, specially designed strength and conditioning sessions specific for runners are included.

We believe that it is possible to complete a running distance like a marathon with just three quality run training sessions a week.

Customized Strength and Conditioning

We design customized strength and conditioning sessions for golfers, wakeboarders, runners, swimmers, tennis players, etc. The sessions are carefully designed to focus on the dynamic and functional conditioning of specific muscles and body systems to promote flexibility, muscle tone, strength and power specific to the sport.

Weight Loss and Tone

Do you constantly struggle with your body weight and/or to lose those extra pounds and tone your body muscles?

Our customized weight loss and tone training system will have you shedding unwanted pounds and tone your body. Activities and exercises are combined to keep your heart pumping and increase your metabolic rate.

The training system is a partnership where we customize to your needs and monitor your progress while you execute it. You will be concurrently advised on your overall health, wellness, diet and nutritional needs by health and medical experts, if required. An initial consultation is required to assess suitability for the programme.

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One-to-One & Remote Training

We recognize that today’s individuals lead very busy lifestyles with hectic schedules. Hence, we provide the option of one-to-one training sessions and remote training programmes. For those who have a busy travel schedules or are based overseas or need a flexible schedule, we have just the training system tailored to suit your travel plans and schedules.

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Fifth Ray’s Group Classes

Our primary objective is on the quality in posture and execution of exercises to engage the correct muscle groups. Hence, we offer small group exercise classes to allow for quality and personalized coaching. A few of the group classes offered are TRX® Suspension Training, cardio Kick-boxing, bootcamp, body blast, etc.

Do check out our monthly schedule of classes from our calendar.

Training Camps

Since 2009, our local and overseas Fifth Ray Run-Fit™ Training and Weight Loss camps are designed with your specific goals in mind. The camps will help you to consolidate your focus and commitment to:

  • Leading an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • Lose unwanted pounds or weight;
  • Bring your fitness and performance to the next level.

We offer overseas active and healthy corporate retreats for businesses and companies.

Email or call us to check out possible exciting and breath-taking destinations.

Health and Fitness Evaluations

Fifth Ray’s health and fitness evaluations offer individuals a better insight and understanding of their own well-being. We collaborate with expert medical professionals (where appropriate) to advice and shared with individuals a step-by-step plan to get their health and well-being back on the right track.

Gait, Movement and Posture Analyses

Are you one of those individuals constantly plagued by pain or injuries or to perform better in your sport?

Our individual detailed analysis of your gait, movement and posture while engaging in your sport/s or daily activities will give you great insight. Together with our frame by frame video capture and analysis of your movements, we will provide you with a series of systematic corrective coaching to improve your gait, movement patterns and posture.