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At Fifth Ray, parents can choose from a series of programmes for their children and youths, 2 to 16 years of age. Our holistic child-centered and age appropriate curriculums are uniquely designed from evidence-based methods and research.

Each programme curriculum is carefully planned to focus on different neurocognitive and neuromuscular developmental areas for children and youths:

1. I AM Kids® Learning through Actions™

Singapore’s first and only neuromuscular and neurocognitive developmental learning center for children.

The Mind learns Best when the Body is in Motion™!

Dr Tan Swee Kheng, PhD, has skillfully crafted I AM Kids® Learning through Actions™ curriculum to be aligned with the developmental changes experienced by children:Marine Life

  • Neuro-muscular development
  • Neuro-cognitive development
  • Emotional development
  • Motor development
  • Physical development
  • Social development
  • Psychological development

The curriculum is carefully designed such that it is adaptable to be developmentally appropriate for children of different ages (2 years to 13 years of age) and ability levels.

Click here to view our  I AM Kids® Learning through Actions™ curriculum structure


2. I AM Kids® Specific Development TherapyEnergising Times

  • For children and youths, 2 years and above
  • Is a customized movement and play therapy programme that addresses specific developmental challenges
  • Focuses on neuro-cognitive and neuro-muscular developments
  • Improves neurocognitive learning and processing, auditory processing, neuromuscular control and learning, kinaesthetic senses, co-ordination, muscle tone, perceptual motor skills, sensory integration abilities

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3. I AM Kids® Run and Fit™ Programmerun-fit

  • For children and youths 4 to 16 years of age
  • Focuses on proper running gait and posture
  • Improves endurance, fitness and co-ordination
  • Instill discipline and perseverance
  • Discover athletic and running potential
  • Encourages active and healthy living

Click here to view our I AM Kids® Run and Fit Programme Schedule


4.Taijutsu for Kids

Taijutsu means “body technique” which explores the use of the body as a whole. Young students will learn to improve their balance and body awareness through physical games and challenges involving jumping, rolling, punching, kicking and evasive movements.

As the child’s sense of perceptual motor skills, timing and spatial awareness improve,she/he will be introduced to exercises involving foam weapons to develop their keen sense of distance and space. The children in this programme will be under the pupilage of Karl Chaundy, who is an 8th dan black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.this class is suitable for children 8 to 12 years of age.


5. I AM Kids® by Fifth Ray in Schools & Learning Centers

Our I AM Kids® by Fifth Ray programme is brought to schools and learning centers within the region to benefit more children and youths.

Team I AM Kids® travels locally and overseas to bring our uniquely designed curriculum to schools and learning centers. We assist schools and learning center to conduct our curriculum on the schools premises to complement their curriculum or for holiday camps.

For schools and learning centers establishing an edge over others, I AM Kids® offers a licensing programme that provides the rights to integrated and implement I AM Kids® by Fifth Ray programme into their curriculum and continuous training for their teachers and staff.

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6. I AM Kids® Holiday Camps

  • Holiday camps are offered during term breaks for both local and international school children and youths
  • For children and youths ages 4 to 16 years
  • Each holiday camp has a different and unique focus
  • Children are progressively challenged through a series of comprehensive activities, games and sports that are appropriate for their abilities and skill levels
  • Develop individual proficiency skills for a variety of activities and sports
  • Engage in co-operative learning games to foster effective social skills
  • Camp activities include ball skill activities, co-ordination games, fitness activities, running, creative use of colors, multimedia programming, etc.

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